Are You Really Giving Grace?

Are you really extending grace? Giving grace to those who needs it most? Or are we using this term as a way to be relieved of responsibility and get ourselves ‘off the hook’ in certain situations? I have found myself guilty of this very thing. Expecting or preaching at someone that I need some grace when maybe I should be extending grace to them in the situation. I don’t know, it’s kind of an interesting thing. We’re so quick to demand things, and I’ve seen people, good people, well meaning people, DEMAND grace, and yet are unable or unaware and even unwilling to give it to those who so desperately need it. I can’t make people change or see or agree with me, but I can make sure I am giving grace and evaluating certain circumstances to make certain that I’m not demanding it. Humbly asking for it, sure, yes. Angrily demanding it expectantly, no.

Of Hope truly has me, then I have all the grace I need to be able to lavish it on others the way Christ has lavished it on me. And when others don’t extend grace when they should, even if it hurts a little, I can still show grace and mercy to them. THAT is what we should be aware of. THAT is how we reach and change hearts with the love of Jesus. THAT is what will change the world. It starts with changing our self and being self aware.

If Hope has me, so does Grace.

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