How can we do (grace/love) Better?

Yes. This is a real thing. No it’s not isolated to people who expect too much or are too needy or who don’t extend grace. It’s not that we’re easily hurt, or that this is just our cross to bear.

Hidden Illness, non apparent disabilities, neurodiversity… the families they affect and how our churches play a role.

It’s not just me, or a couple of other families, or even a handful of other families. In a private ADHD parents support group on FB with members of around 10,000 3 questions regarding

-What the evangelical church’s responsibility should be for families of kids with ADHD and other non apparent disabilities

-What their experience was at church (open ended, no bias mentioned)

-What they wish people at church would know about their child

The response was overwhelming. You guys, I received over 202 comments all sharing their individual stories and situations and experiences.

It was sad.

It was heartbreaking.

It was IS real.

I’m not going away, I’m not going to stop talking about this. I’ve not been through the hellish journey that brought me to Hope over these last 11 years to simply shut up now.

Hope has me, and He reminded me through this experience that others need to be reminded too.

Grace is real. It is concrete. It’s solid as a rock. But there are real families out there that don’t know that, and when they come to church and we don’t show them love, we so t include their kids, we don’t show up to support them, we aren’t loving them as Christ commanded us to. Someone HAS to go after these people, someone has to love these people. Lord, who? Raise up willing servants Lord, raise up willing hearts.

When are we going to practice what we preach and listen and open our eyes to what’s happening around us??

When are we going to roll up our sleeves and get involved, dig in, and get dirty like Jesus did?

When are we going to get it?

We don’t have to experience exactly the same thing as those we’re ministering to. It helps, but really we just have to be willing to see they’re hurting and need more.

It starts with sharing posts and blogs like this one. It starts with being willing to even have finished reading this post.

I’m sad, and disappointed, and honestly surprised at how easily people like me with messages like this are dismissed. I’m not writing this to condemn or accuse or judge. I’m writing and screaming from the rooftops to create awareness, to open eyes, and hopefully open ears. Because this isn’t MY message. It’s what God has placed on and in our hearts, and it’s the journey He chose for us to walk through with Him.

What have we become?? DCTalk answered that question 20 years ago…

Self indulgent people. Even in the body of Christ.

So. How can we do better???

I ask you as my friends and family:


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