Waste Not Want Not … (or something like that)

What’s it for? The sorrow? The pain? The suffering? Some may argue (and that’s they’re prerogative) that sometimes suffering has no ‘silver lining’ or reason, or purpose. Sometimes it just sucks.

When sorrows roll like sea billows, and they roll you hard under the waves, can we really say ‘It is well with my soul?’

A number of years ago, when we were under some waves, barely treading water, a friend told me ‘Nothing is lost, nothing is wasted’. That no matter what brand of suffering I would experience and to however high a degree, it would not be lost or wasted, that Christ would always somehow in someway redeem it.

These words have brought me such comfort and continue to help me even now. It had such an impact, I ended up co-writing a song with some friends about it. Reflecting back on the character and mercy that the certain sufferings I’ve experienced over the years have produced, and as I choose to be thankful for the mercy and grace of my Lord Jesus this Thanksgiving, I leave with with the lyrics:

God Our Hope

There is no easy answer

to the pain that we bear

This world has been broken

And life isn’t fair

In the midst of the sorrow

To One thing we cling

Our God’s ever faithful

For this reason we sing:

Nothing is wasted Nothing is lost

Our pain is redeemed

By the power of the cross

Our Hope gives us purpose

In Hope we’re secure

Our Hope is named Jesus

Our Hope will endure- God Our Hope


I can’t promise a ‘Happy’ Thanksgiving, but I wish and pray for a Thankful and Blessed Thanksgiving…

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