Not so Magic Beans

So often, I talk to God about how I want to be the taco.


It’s an ongoing theme in my relationship with Him.

Yup. On the Mexican food plate of life, < strong>I want to be the taco

Come on, it’s the main feature. It’s crunchy, golden yellow shell, filled with (preferably) tasty shredded beef, and topped with lettuce and tomatoes and a tiny dollop of sour cream and then shredded cheddar. Yum.

I want to be the taco…

An authentic Mexican food kind of taco. Not a taco supreme or fast food taco. I mean a beautiful golden taco, featured on the menu, carefully set on the center of the plate, set before watering mouths.

I want to be the taco…

It’s pretty and it tastes SO good. Everybody likes the taco. It’s why we have Taco Tuesday!

But then in my prayers and conversations with God, He gently whispers, ‘Steff, you’re not supposed to be the taco, I need you to be the beans.’


I don’t wanna be the beans, the beans are blah, the beans are boring, even my son doesn’t like the beans and let’s them sit there on the plate and go cold and uneaten.


An internal argument begins…

One of prayer, but an argument nonetheless…

Me: I don’t want to be the beans Lord. I really really would like a chance to be the taco.

God: But Steffani, my child, my beloved, I made you to be the beans. Palate cleansing, they help cool the sting of the hot sauce.

Me: So, I’m the beans.<<< : Yes, the beans. And so the struggle and conversation goes on. But Lord … No Steffani, you are the beans. And then I think, well, the beans DO have sustenance, I mean, they ARE a staple. They DO soothe the palette after burning your mouth with hot sauce…But no!!! No. I still do NOT want to be the beans Lord. People don’t notice the beans, they don’t eat all the beans. I don’t really have a choice here do I?? So many other people want to be the taco too. In fact, we have a LOT of tacos, a lot of wanna be tacos, a lot of fast food tacos. Look at Hollywood, the music industry, politics, Highschool campuses. Even in our christian circles we have celebrity status individuals. People that are featured and regarded. Even in congregations there are super star members, tacos, highlighted and ‘respected’ for their righteousness or their brokenness or their willingness to serve, or their whatever… The world needs more beans. And while I wish I could be the taco, I recognize the need for being the beans. The sustenance, the common, the regular, the plain. The ones who are always there. The constant, faithful, trustworthy, the ones who don’t need to be the center or the highlight, or the regarded. Maybe some people think I’m a taco. I don’t feel like one. I secretly (well not now) want to be a taco, but it’s really never worked out. I just know that with a little seasoning, a sprinkle of cheese, I’m going to be the best side of beans I can be. When I wrote this initial article, it was merely a Facebook post, and it was about a year ago. I hadn’t fully embraced it, I didn’t want to. A year later, and my heart is still yearning to be the taco… but I know through opportunities and examples of His faithfulness over the last 12 months, I’m the beans. em>I may not be the taco, but at least I’m on the plate. ❤️💔




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