My (actual and only meaningful) Christmas Wish

This has been a rough year for me. It’s been a really hard year for my ‘framily’, and for SO many of my friends.

Life is hard. Life can be devastating.

I don’t need to list all the ways and reasons. I don’t need to retell of the devastation and tragedy and disasters.

We shouldn’t forget, but how can we not remember. It’s ongoing.

How do we make it through? How do we carry on? How do we pack up all the grief and sorrow and sadness and sling it on our backs and take a single step?

I know. I know it sounds cliche to say ‘Jesus’. How is it Jesus? How can a ‘man’ from 2,000 years ago who we can’t see, how can a ‘legend’ in some of your opinions, how can a ‘relic’ in other of your opinions, change hearts and lives and being hope and being peace, and being joy, and love??

Because He’s real. He’s Almighty God. He’s ancient prophecy fulfilled. He’s whispering ever so gently into your heart and knocking on the door to your soul. He is the Son of the Most High, and he’s also the only guy who walked the earth that was and is God. He’s unfathomable and yet relatable. He’s divine and yet mortal.

He is Hope.

He is Peace.

He is Joy.

He is Love.

I don’t know where some of my friends are spiritually, maybe you don’t believe in a higher power. Maybe you want to but maybe you are hurt and angry with current circumstances. Maybe it’s something that doesn’t make logical sense to you. Maybe you just don’t believe and you don’t have a reason.

I get it. It’s not my job to judge.

But it is my job to speak up and share MY story. My journey, my song. Maybe it will change your mind, maybe it won’t. Maybe it will make you think, and maybe you’ll think ‘well that’s nice for her‘.

I did title this ‘My Christmas Wish’ so I’m going to share it with you:

I want to make sure to say this clearly-

The only reason I am here on this earth is to point you back to Jesus. If I have ever failed in that, it’s because I am human. If I have ever succeeded, it’s because of the grace and love of God. Every good thing that I have ever accomplished or been, is because of God and His grace and His overwhelming love.

This life is tough and filled with uncertainty and unfairness and injustice and riddled with people who pretend to speak for God. But just because some apples are bitter and full of rot, doesn’t mean all apples are rotten.

Please, if you have ever wondered about your spiritual life, if you have a need, of you feel abandoned or hurt or angry and alone, or even have questions about what happens after you die, if you’re just curious or wondering, call me. Text me.

Or somebody.

Don’t go it alone anymore.

I am grateful that I serve a God that is good, kind, full of grace, who loves us.

And my wish this Christmas, is that amidst the heartache, turmoil, hardships, and sorrows of life, that you get to meet Hope. Because Jesus is Hope- and He came to earth as a human to BE that Hope for you. You don’t have to do this life alone.

#HopeHasYou #ChristmasHope

#notalone #splintersofHope #christmasWish #adventreasons

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