One of the most important and one of the most difficult lessons I’ve learned this past year is this: I can’t make people LOVE me the way I want or need to be loved, or to love me at all…

BUT Christ loves me so much, and I CAN share HIS love with others, and love them well, REALLY WELL, because HE loves them well.

People will hurt us, people will let us down, some people will even stop actively loving us. That’s literally happened to me over the last year. Abandoned. Rejected. By Family. It was devastating.

Christ ALONE is the perfect Love that casts out fear. His love is supernatural, it’s amazing, it’s healing, it’s restorative, it’s transforming and it’s sacrificial. His love is perfect. As His beloved I have access to that powerful kind of love, not because I myself posses that kind of love, but because it is bestowed upon me, it’s poured on me, it springs up within me by the power of Christ working in my life and in my heart.

He loves the unloveable – He loves even me. A tired, washed up mother of two, recovering codependent, worrier, unworthy, unrighteous, broken woman who is Much Afraid but has been declared BELOVED by the God of the Universe, the Good Shepherd, Emmanuel.

I’ve been transformed into Grace and Glory and given abundant life to share and pour out to others so they too can see how beloved they are, and be transformed into who Jesus made them to be. Only a Love THIS powerful could have done THAT.

For any who feel alone, discouraged, abandoned, left out, cast out, pushed aside, thrown away…

For any who feel like Christmas will lack joy and instead bring pain or hurt…

For any who still yearn for Someone to love them…

He does. Love YOU.

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