Wounded Brand of Love

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a place where we isolate for self preservation. That’s normal, that’s ok. Space and time are wonderful salves to a hurting soul.

Community is imperative to persevere, to carry on, to make it through, and yet…

Sometimes the best thing we can do for each other is reach out without the expectation of a response, because sometimes it hurts too much or requires too much thought and/or energy, or is simply too personal.

Sometimes encouragement is painful and we need someone to just hurt with us. Are we willing to do that, without response, without validation, sometimes even without acknowledgement … Are we OK with that?

Friends, in our circumstances as parents of dear ones that struggle,

I humbly offer you this:

You are not alone.

Each tear that falls is counted by our Maker. Jesus Himself, Hope, Love… Suffered for us, was wounded and died for our very souls to be saved.

He hurts with us, He hurts for us and offers comfort, love, and compassion.

His Love is a wounded brand of Love The kind that brings the healing that only a co-sufferer – only someone who intimately understands your brand of pain, could.

Through friends, through stories that are so similar to our own, through small successes, testimonies of progresses made, faithfulness of grace amidst strife, through us living and loving one another well… He soaks our aching hearts in His blood and they come out whole and new and beating stronger.

This is a family we never wanted to be part of – the broken, the bruised, the broken-hearted , the sorrowful, the weary, the wounded…

A club we never signed up to join

A community we didn’t volunteer to be in.

But we are a family, a community…

And we are here for each other.

The wounded tending to the wounded… because we know that pain firsthand. ❤️

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