Mother’s Day Smothers Day (insert eye roll here)

I usually don’t like Mothers Day. It’s always a difficult day for me.

Because in one way or another, and I find myself wanting and desiring a special brunch or to feel loved, or for obedient children for just a whopping 4 hours!!! I see photos plastered on social media of my friends and their mothers, their kiddos, prettified and posing in a church photo booth (why do we have photo booths at churches??) at a park, with a bunch of flowers they’ve received. It’s wonderful and yet I think, great, we didn’t take any photos, we didn’t go to a park, I didn’t get any beautiful flowers. That has been almost every Mother’s Day for the last 12 years…

But last year, after I rolled my eyes, I found myself thinking about how God blesses some of us with mothers that lead by godly and loving examples, and some of us with mothers who have forced us to trust Jesus more. I kind of stumbled through my day, attempting to wash away the bad and cynical attitude that this day is commercially driven to make profit – I had to keep choosing to be ok with my day being whatever it turned out to be.

I realized that I don’t need a special brunch or lunch, and special presents or gifts or tokens of affection to know how much my children love me. (Ahem, yes it would be nice…) BUT! My point is, I’m changing MY expectation and tradition of Mothers Day in this house. It will henceforth be a day for me to remember the great importance and weight and responsibility we are given when we are gifted with children. It will be a day for me to be thankful that I get to be a mother, that I can strive to continue to be the best mother I can be to my beautiful people, and the calling God has for me to care for, nurture, and shape these people according to His will and train them each according to the way He has for them to go. THAT is no small task.

No trophy or bouquet of flowers or basket of bath salts could ever compare to the privilege and honor to be their momma.

Their constant saying of my name, constant asking me for help, never ending seeking of love and guidance and time brings me satisfaction and joy immeasurable. I have to adjust my attitude (when DON’T I need an attitude readjustment??) and remember these little and not so little people, they are MY people, and I am

THEIR Momma, and THAT is important and beautiful.

And just like that, I’ve had the best Mothers Day ever. For the second year in a row!

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